Exeter and District Ramblers

at the Heart of Walking in Devon

Guidance for walkers

Before the walk

If you wish to join one of our walks please try to let the leader know in advance. You can find the leader's contact details in our current programme.

Please bear in mind the distance of the walk and your own capabilities. Most walks in our area are likely to be hilly and in wet weather conditions are frequently muddy and slippery.

On rare occasions, a walk may be changed or cancelled in bad weather. If you think this may be the case, please check with the leader.

 On the walk

  • Please wear suitable footwear, preferably walking boots, and carry warm and waterproof clothing.
  • Please ensure that you bring enough provisions for the day. It is particularly important to make sure you have plenty of water in hot conditions.
  • Dogs on a short lead are welcome on our walks, unless there is a specific note in the programme. Your dog must be under control at all times, particularly where requested by the walk leader, at coffee or lunch breaks or where there is livestock in fields. Dartmoor Rangers can demand that a dog is on a lead between March and July in the National Park. It is an offence under the by-laws not to comply.
  • In case of emergency it is recommended that you carry a first aid kit and a whistle. The whistle can be used to attract attention in foggy conditions, if you become separated from the group or at turns on the route.
  • The start point for the walk will be a named location, identified by a grid reference. It is advisable to refer to the maps found in the walks programme to verify the start point.
  • The leader is responsible for the safety and the comfort of the group (i.e. pace and stops). Walkers are requested not to walk in front of the leader, unless invited to do so (on a steep climb, for example).
  • The leader will designate a back marker to ensure that the group stays together. If you need to stop or leave the group then please let the walk leader or back marker know.
  • We welcome new members and invite individuals to walk with us three times before asking them to join the Ramblers, citing the Exeter and District Group as their preferred group.

After the walk

Please notify one of the Group Footpath officers of any obstructed footpaths, missing or damaged signs, stiles or gates etc. You can also report footpath problems direct to Devon County Council 




Friday, January 18, 2019